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There are some things about this school that I personally would change. The first thing is that I think that school should start at eight and end at three. I think that this should change because when I get up in the morning I am always super tired and sometimes it is hard for me to focus at school because I am so tired. Even my homeroom teacher has to get us to stretch and jump around in the morning because when she askes us a question, no one responds because we are so busy sleeping in class. I think that I would concentrate better if I were less tired and even though I try to go to bed as early as I can, it takes weeks to catch up on missed sleep and we all also have tons of homework sometimes.I think that school should definetely start at eight.

¬†Another thing that I think should change is the sports choices. I used to run track and I am really upset because they don’t have track at this school. I was also looking into playing lacrosse, but again we don’t have it here. If the money for sports is a problem, then we could have more fundraisers and events that could raise money to purchase equipment or a new sports field. Then we would raise more money anyway because people would pay to play the new sports!!!

The last thing that I think should change is the sports TEAMS. I don’t¬† like how girls can’t play football or how girl’s lacrosse is less rough and way different than boy’s lacrosse. They should keep all sports the same as the opposite gender’s “version.” They shouldn’t even have to separate boys and girls. You rarely find mixed gender teams and that is not fair. Girls can be just as good as boys and the same goes for boys. They should let boys and girls play together!

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  1. Hey im Aiden, according to challenge one, I am supposed to comment on 10 different blogs. Im from canada and I think this post is really good. Luckly, my school is surrounded my a park/path so we just do track there. Our school starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:00 and im still tired in the morning. We get three 20 minutes in the day to go outside so that helps me stay awake :). Ill be reading your blog now becuase you seem like a really good writer. If you wanna check out my blog, its at www. aiden4gv . edublogs .com
    (without spaces). I just started so theres not much there…. but there will be soon!!


  2. Hi Alyssa,

    Totally understand your feelings about start and end times for school. What time does your school begin?

    You might be interested in knowing that research has been done that shows adolescent circadian rhythms are such that they don’t really get in the groove till about 10 in the morning. You might enjoy reading this post from my blog:

    It sounds like you are passionate about sports. I am a big outdoor swimmer in the summer, and I kayak well into the fall and walk year round. Also do some yoga.

    Considering your feelings about sports, have you discussed any of your ideas with the people who manage sports at your school.?

    Laurie Bartels

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