My Digital Footprint

When I typed in my name and my town into the Google search engine, nothing came up. I am guessing this happened because I am under eighteen so I am not counted officiallty as a citizen yet. When I typed in my name, I was hoping that something would come up but since nothing did, I am sad now:( haha. Since nothing came up for me, I typed in my parent’s name and I was amazed by how many results came up. I got a lot of results because apparently my dad is a famous hockey player!:) I feel very psyched about that because I guess that is pretty cool that my dad has the same name as a hockey player.

When I typed in just my name into Google, lots of things came up. At first, it came up as a big business and my name was also the name of the boss of that business. When i looked through some more, I also found that I am a famous softball player. I thought that this was ironic, because I play softball and people always tell me that I am going to be famous someday. So, for this one, I feel happy!!!!!

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