How to Play The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games is a fun game that will keep you going. You play as Katniss, who has to help Peeta. The same as the movie, Peeta has a gash in his leg from Cato, which in the game is necrotizing fasciitis. You must go throughout the arena searching for Peeta, you have to get supplies for you and him, and then once he is healing, you must help him get back to the cornucopia with you in hope of shelter, safety, and winning the Hunger Games. You have to play through Down Deep, Searching the Forest, and On the Run.

First, you have to play through Down Deep and find Peeta. As you start, you need a little help. You keep walking and notice that there is blood on the floor, so you follow it, causing you to run into some tributes. You didn’t grab your bow fast enough at the cornucopia, so you have no weapon. You  can dodge and escape the tributes if you time it right.  You keep going and try your hardest not to give up hope as you escape some more tributes , just as your eye catches your goal; Peeta! This is the end of level one.

Next, you go back through the forest in search of food and healing plants for Peeta. When you start the level, you grab a backpack on the ground, which may come in handy. Then, you notice more tributes! You dodge them, for you left your bow with Peeta in case he needs it. You continue, collecting keys and greens that energize you. You use the keys to unlock doors that stand in your way, and then you come to a patch of plants that you realize are aloe, eucalyptus, and other helpful plants! You have what you need, so you get back to Peeta, discovering a teleporter that takes you closer to Peeta. You get back to the goal block and help Peeta, ending level 2!

Finally, Peeta is almost healed! You think that it needs some serious attention. You try to carry him, but he decides that he’ll just try to walk. You both try to get back to the cornucopia, with a wall of tributes that come towards you. You can outrun them, but Peeta can’t. You look around and spot a freeze gun that you use to save Peeta. That buys you time so you and Peeta make your way towards the goal. There is a glass wall and the cornucopia is visible on the other side. You grab your gun and fire right through it. You finish your way throughout rest of the maze, and reach the goal block. You have successfully made it through the level On the Run. You make your way to the cornucopia!

In conclusion, you have made it through the arena first to find Peeta, then to go get supplies, and finally to help him through the rest of it to your victory. You went through Down Deep, Searching the Forest, and On the Run. You have won the Hunger Games!


Top 10 of 2012

There were many interesting things that happened in 2012 that I would like to share.

1. The top event in my opinion was the world did not end. Every one was making such a big deal over it and I am so glad that all the hectic stuff is over. The thought of the world ending terrified people and made them literally go crazy. I didn’t think that it would happen, but now all of those ”believers” are left still terrified and confused. If I could, I would have made sure that the whole world knew it wasn’t going to happen and that we were all safe so there was nothing to worry about.

2. The second major event that I chose was the big space jump by Felix Baumgartner. His jump was record-breaking and very impressive. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that and he has become famous for it. I want to go skydiving myself, but I probably shouldn’t because it is risky and very dangerous. The fact that Felix had confidence in him self and was willing to take the risk involves being brave and a very skilled athlete. In conclusion, I think this event was also very important.


3. The third major event of 2012 is the Colorado shooting. This devastated many people and even upset me. He walked into a movie theater during the premier of The Dark Knight dressed as the Joker and started randomly shooting into the theater. The shooter, James Holmes must of been really messed up and I think that he deserves to die too. He killed 12 innocent people and wounded 58 and that definitely proves that he is mental. This event will never leave my mind.

4. The fourth major event of 2012 was the Connecticut school shooting. It happened on December 14, 2012 and Adam Lanza walked into and killed 20 children,(18 children died in the school and 2 died in the hospital) his mother in her apartment, 6 adults, the principal, Dawn Hochsprung and himself a short while after. It is a horrible thought knowing that one morning people are kissing their child goodbye only to get a call later that day saying that your child has been killed and you will never see them again. I think that every parent should feel very fortunate and be sympathetic towards the parents that did lose their children. I wish the best to all the parents that lost their loved ones and I hope that they regain their strength.

5. The fifth event is Whitney Houston’s death. Her death was tragic, but it was her own fault and she  brought it on herself. Right before the awards ceremony, Houston was found dead in her room. They think that it was from a drug overdose, which sounds like something she would do. I’m not hating on her, but she did it as a choice and it is not really our problem, it was hers. That’s all I’m saying.

6. The next event is the german sheperd, Kabang. This dog is no ordinary dog. She jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle to save her owner’s grandchildren. She lost her top snout in the accident. They now need over 10,000 dollars for her surgery to replace her snout and top jaw. I would donate, but my parents think that it’s a money making scam.

7. Another event is the squirrel found in someone’s backyard. The animal was no ordinary squirrel, though. This squirrel was purple! People are trying to comev up with theories as to how it got it’s unusual coloring. The theory is this: it fell into a portable toilet. The couple who caught the squirrel took a photograph that babbled the media, and then released the squirrel back into the wild. Its whereabouts are unknown, and the local game commission refuses to launch a hunt for it.


8.  The next event is the rapper Psy. He is the maker of Gangnam Style, the modern cowboy dance. This was a big hit and had an extremely famous music video. Psy has had many other songs that never really got noticed, but Gangnam Style is different. The song is in Korean! The song and the dance are both REALLY catchy.

9. Another event is Carly Rae Jepsen. This ordinary girl got famous because she posted a song on YouTube and got discovered. She got really lucky because I could probably post a million good songs on the Internet and never get discovered. She is best known for her song Call Me Maybe. She also did a duet with Owl City called Good Time.

10. The final event is the Miami cannibal attack. A series of bizarre killings, led by the so-called Miami cannibal attack on May 26, triggered an outbreak of searches such as “zombie apocalypse.” The story of Ronald Poppo, a South Florida homeless man, generated lurid attention for days because his attacker, Rudy Eugene, was nude when he attacked Poppo by chewing off much of his face. A police officer shot and killed Eugene, and no motive has surfaced.

Those are the top 10 events of 2012!!!!!;)

Worst 5 Songs Ever

There have been many horrible songs created and I think I have the right to share some of them with you.

The WORST song ever made is Glad You Came by The Wanted. This song somehow got so popular, yet all it does is repeat itself over and over again.I could make a better song than this song but no one would ever hear it because I’m not famous and I am also just a kid. I really think that this song should not have been published on the radio because it is catchy yet EXTREMELY annoying.

The second worst song is Party in the U.S.A. This song is stupid and started ruining Miley Cyrus’s reputation because of the inappropriate music video that went along with it. It really isn’t that good of a song anyway and I (along with every body else that I know) think that it is VERY annoying.

Miley Cyrus - 2009 Kids' Choice Awards

The third worst song ever is Bulletproof by La Roux. This song doesn’t even have that strong of a meaning. I GET IT, YOU’RE BULLETPROOF NOW MOVE ON! This is sorta catchy but still is a really bad song.

The fourth worst song is Rumor Has It by Adele. I like Adele, but that song literally repeats itself and basically has no other lyrics to it. All of her other songs are fairly good, though!!!

The fifth worst song ever is Ours by Taylor Swift. This I guess is an okay song but it gets really stupid when she gets to the bridge and she says that she loves the gap between his teeth. WHO SAYS THAT KIND OF THING? HAHA that’s just my opinion, though.

Those are officially the five worst songs ever!

My Digital Footprint

When I typed in my name and my town into the Google search engine, nothing came up. I am guessing this happened because I am under eighteen so I am not counted officiallty as a citizen yet. When I typed in my name, I was hoping that something would come up but since nothing did, I am sad now:( haha. Since nothing came up for me, I typed in my parent’s name and I was amazed by how many results came up. I got a lot of results because apparently my dad is a famous hockey player!:) I feel very psyched about that because I guess that is pretty cool that my dad has the same name as a hockey player.

When I typed in just my name into Google, lots of things came up. At first, it came up as a big business and my name was also the name of the boss of that business. When i looked through some more, I also found that I am a famous softball player. I thought that this was ironic, because I play softball and people always tell me that I am going to be famous someday. So, for this one, I feel happy!!!!!

School Improvement Committee

There are some things about this school that I personally would change. The first thing is that I think that school should start at eight and end at three. I think that this should change because when I get up in the morning I am always super tired and sometimes it is hard for me to focus at school because I am so tired. Even my homeroom teacher has to get us to stretch and jump around in the morning because when she askes us a question, no one responds because we are so busy sleeping in class. I think that I would concentrate better if I were less tired and even though I try to go to bed as early as I can, it takes weeks to catch up on missed sleep and we all also have tons of homework sometimes.I think that school should definetely start at eight.

 Another thing that I think should change is the sports choices. I used to run track and I am really upset because they don’t have track at this school. I was also looking into playing lacrosse, but again we don’t have it here. If the money for sports is a problem, then we could have more fundraisers and events that could raise money to purchase equipment or a new sports field. Then we would raise more money anyway because people would pay to play the new sports!!!

The last thing that I think should change is the sports TEAMS. I don’t  like how girls can’t play football or how girl’s lacrosse is less rough and way different than boy’s lacrosse. They should keep all sports the same as the opposite gender’s “version.” They shouldn’t even have to separate boys and girls. You rarely find mixed gender teams and that is not fair. Girls can be just as good as boys and the same goes for boys. They should let boys and girls play together!