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The Adventures of Maximum Ride

I was running. Fast. That was all I could think about as the police chased me through the streets. I didn’t usually do anything  bad or get in trouble (or at least a lot) but tonight was different. I had really messed up. My flock and I were hungry and we don’t mess around when it comes to my flock complaining constantly. I decided that we should hit a store or something but I realized that we were out of cash. That’s when I messed up. I went to the nearest mall with a great plan in mind, hoping that I would succeed. As I walked into the mall, I went into a nearby jewelry store. As I walked up to the counter, I boxed the cashier’s nose and unfurled my wings. I jumped up into the air and brought both of my hands down onto the display case. As it shattered, the alarm sounded, and I grabbed a fistful of jewelry and  jumped up, flapping my wings hard, crashing through the ceiling. Ouch! Note to self: No crashing through ceilings.  I flew up into the sky, just as a silver bullet skimmed past me. I couldn’t go back to my flock, I would put them in danger. I spread my wings out and then folded them in tight and dropped like a rock. The audience standing on the streets screamed and wailed, but just as I was about to hit the ground, I unfurled my wings as hard and fast as I could. Wincing, I pulled up and down with all of my strength, and get as high up in the sky as I could. Max! I whipped around at the sound of my name. My flock was already flying away. I sped up to join them. As we flew to the night sky, I scanned the ground for a place to sleep tonight. We have never really had any parents, that is, if you don’t count the numerous foster parents we have had to escape from when they tried to sell us to the circuses. You see, we were sort of created in test tubes as a science experiment. The scientists thought that they were creating a bird that would be genetically enhanced to be a lot bigger by using some human DNA. Well, apparently their little experiment screwed up and they created humans with freaking wings. We are almost on the run all the time, which in a way, SUCKS! Anyway, we couldn’t find a good ledge to sleep on tonight, and it started to storm, so we decided to stay up in the clouds. Why? I have no idea. As I looked over at my flock, I tapped into my little brother Sam’s mind. He thinks that there is a storm coming? Wierd. Just then, lightning struck at about four places at once. Of course, one of those places had to be right in front of me. I couldn’t stop fast enough, and I flew right into it. I usually only wear a tank top and jeans, so I didn’t have much protection from the lightning. I plummeted to the ground, way too fast , and there was no stopping me.

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